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The Best... SUSHI

As well as different DISHES at disposal, the frequently asked from guests attending the COCO.

It is the SUSHI - 寿司 (mixed Nighiri, Hossomaki, Uramaki) classic evergreen 

€ 12,00

Rice ball with fish fillet with the possibility of choice between SHAKE(Salmon), MAGURO(Tuna), SUZUKI(Seabass), EBI(Shrimps)

€ 9,00

Sashimi salmon and Gunkan spicy salmon

from € 5,00 to € 7,00

In this category we can include classics like RICE'S SPAGHETTI and SOY SPAGHETTI sauteed with chicken, mixed vegetables or meat. While not really a sauteed pasta even find the SPAGHETTI UDON IN SOUP and classic YAKI UDON (rice noodles with mixed vegetables and shrimp) and YAKI SOBA (buckwheat spaghetti with mixed vegetables and shrimp.

from € 5,00 to € 8,00

Natural evolution besides the classic MIXED SALAD we offer the following salads: SASHIMI (mixed salad with raw fish mixed, TAKO (mixed salad with octopus) and SEA (mixed salad with shrimp, octopus and squid)

€ 12,00

Mixed Nighiri, Hossomaki, Uramaki